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A Narrative Puzzle Game

PATHOS aims to be the most mentally demanding puzzle game ever launched on Steam. Deep and narrative-driven, PATHOS emphasizes attention, lateral thinking and plain ol’ persistence. What appears to be a simple mechanic – just find your way to the goal - builds on itself until every level is a Gordian Knot, every move one that requires real thought.

With an entrancing original soundtrack provided by maestro Tim Halbert and a clean, easy-on-the-eyes visual style, PATHOS aims to send its players into a groove, where hacking away at a devious maze for hours feels like greased gears sliding into place.

Beyond the presented narrative, PATHOS winks at threads left unwound, with secrets and achievements that will sate the hungriest thinker. No level completion achievements here – you’ll have to get creative with the given clues for every single chievo.

Delve deep enough into this fragmented psyche, and you may find yourself among the most formidable puzzle pulverizers the world can offer. Or, perhaps ominously, you may find yourself alone at the top.


Game Features



30+bachievements,oallyofithemsdiscoveredithroughtdecipheringdverbaliandmvisual clues

Several secrets woven even deeper into PATHOS’ fabric

Powerful original soundtrack by Tim Halbert, with a definite earworm or two in there

Live, global win tracking statistics for every level


was founded in 2016 by the brothers Alexander (Brett and Kevin), both stalwart design and writing veterans who believe games can be done better. We believe that game makers have only scratched the surface of what smart design and narrative can do, and we’re ready with the pickaxes. Broguelike is based out of Houston, Texas, and, yeah, here the mosquitoes roam the land like bands of bloodsucking vortices. VISIT OUR BLOG HERE

Brett Alexander Designer

Brett is an awardless gamer with no marketable skills. He's a card-carrying member of nerd hall-of-fame Mensa and is here to make your dreams come true.

Kevin Alexander Writer

Kevin is an award-winning writer who wastes an inordinate amount of time on picking up obscure facts and losing internet arguments. If not for the pragmatism of his wife, he would probably blow all of his cash on board games that are only played once. And if not for his two-year-old son, he would probably get a lot more sleep.

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